Admission Procedure

Academia has implemented a thorough admission procedure, which evaluates the learner at various levels.

  1. Completed Application form must be handed in at the Admin office.    Please ensure that all relevant sections are completed and that all relevant  documents, as stated on the application form, are attached.
  2. Interview with Mrs. Van der Walt.
  3.  Broad spectrum examination with Mrs. Izaan Maritz, educational  psychologist, Gr. 2 - 12 at (014) 717-5851/082 950 3775, the costs of which can  be claimed from medical aid.  Appointments must be arranged with Mrs.   Maritz.    Parents have to give her permission to send a report to Academia      Private School.  If any further evaluation is necessary it will be discussed   with the parents.
  4. School readiness evaluation for Gr. 1 at the end of their Gr. 0 year by a  registered Psychologist, Psychometric or Occupational Therapist
  5. After the broad spectrum examination by the psychologist, learner must write  a Mathematics and English evaluation at Academia Private School.
  6. Upon application by a Parent, or during any time while the learner is being   educated by Academia Private School, the School reserves the right to verify a Parent's history with any Credit Bureau and to provide any of a Customer's  personal information to a credit bureau for this purpose.Academia Private School reserves the right to use the Parent's personal information for  purposes of collection of all outstanding school fees.
  7. You will be advised telephonically after receiving your application whether   your child has been accepted at Academia Private School, where after the   Enrollment and Book Fees are payable at the Administration office.
  8. Academia Private School is a school with high academic standards but do  not   make provision for learners with special learner needs.
  9. There is no discrimination against race, language or religion, however   parents and learners must be able to identify with the Christian ethos of the   school. Learners must be willing and capable to be taught in English.
  10. Annually, at the beginning of the fourth term, the parent must re-apply for   admission for the following year based on the following:
    Enrollment form must be completed and the following will be considered :
    •   All Demerits as well as Merits
    •   Scholastic achievement
    •   Regular payment of school fees
    •   Parents may be requested to attend an interview with the Board of Directors
    •  Book fees for the following year will have to be paid on or before the closing date for  re-admission. 
  11. Requirements for foreign students - In terms of section 13(1) of the  Immigration Act, Act 13 of 2002, all foreign students who are enrolled at South African schools must be in possession of a valid study permit   authorizing them to study at the said institution.  Application must be submitted to the Department of Foreign Affairs, Mokopane.   Tel No (015) 491-3111